Character Creation Notes

All 9 Characteristics begin at: WS 25, BS 15, S 20, T 20, Ag 20, Int 20, Per 20, WP 25 and Fel 20

Players then have 100pts to spread between them adding no more than 20 points to any single characteristic.

Wounds : Toughness Bonus x2 plus 1d5 + 3
Fate Points : 1-4 : 1, 5-8 : 2, 9-10 : 3

Half Movement : Ag bonus
Full Movement : Ag bonus x2
Charge : Ag bonus x3
Run : Ag bonus x6

Navigation (Surface) (Int), Psyniscience (Per) and Survival (Int) are Basic Skills.

You begin with the Psy Rating 1 Talent, When buying upgrades count all Psy rating upgrades as 1 Higher (E.g. Psy Rating 1 is Psy Rating 2)


  • Arbitrator
  • Assassin
  • Cleric
  • Guardsman
  • Imperial Psyker
  • Scum

You will begin with 2000xp to spend. You Cannot have any weapon trainings other than Primative.
You begin with no Starting gear.
If you Take Peer or Common Lore the specifics will have to be confimed with the GM to be appropriate.

You must choose one clan to be a member of from the following; you may not take psychic powers from disciplins not from your clan.

To see an overview of the clans Click Here

The Manri

The Vield

The Vous

The Feri

The following are restricted until following notice


  1. Armour of Contempt
  2. AutoSanguine (and ProSanguine)
  3. Binary Chatter
  4. Chem Geld
  5. Concealed Cavity
  6. Dark Soul
  7. Electrograft Use
  8. Logis Implant
  9. Master Chirurgeon
  10. Orthoproxy
  11. Technical Knock


  1. Demolition
  2. Drive
  3. Navigation other than Surface
  4. Pilot
  5. Forbiden Lore
  6. Scholastic Lore
  7. Security
  8. Tech Use

Character Creation Notes

The Defeat from Beyond DMOmnicat