The Defeat from Beyond

The hunting trip that turned vile

Session 1

A glorious day, or so it seemed. The chieftain called all the villagers for a meeting to discuss several matters. He announced that they would be celebrating the day they moved here 5 months ago. And there is to be a massive feast. Everyone in the clan is to go out in hunting groups for The Hunt, the group that brings back the best kill will be awarded a magnificent statue of the clans favoured animal.

You all left to go hunting, not sure as to where any animals are located. Into the woods you ventured, and unsure of what to do, (Nathan’s character) Scouts ahead climbing through the trees, however as he is lifted up through his psychic power he is attacked by a blue splodge on the tree. Unsure of what just happened (Chris Character) calls up and makes sure his companion is alright. After being told something just attacked him, she begins looking for the source of the attack, she finds the blue splodge on the tree, going closer to investigate she was struck too and suffered more damage than her companion.

Moving further into the woods, (Nathan’s Character) jumps from branch to branch before landing on a large black mass, very shocked by what’s just happened he casts Forget Me, on the creature. After casting the spell reality forgets him. For all existence knows, he was never there.

(Chris’ character) promptly makes a noise to lure whatever the creature is out of the trees.
The creature then begins moving through thw branches to where she is standing. As the creature is moving, (Matt’s Character) casts Flash bang in the direction of the movement, the spell does brilliantly and knocks the creature out the tree, which promptly causes both characters on the ground to freeze in fear as a 6 legged panther like creture was laying in front of them dazzed.

The two characters unfroze and began trying to attack the beast with very little success. (Matt’s character) cast fearful aura to make himself a fear rating 3 which causes the Thanator to charge straight at him. As the two characters are fighting the Thanator, (Nathan’s Character) rejoins them in existence, falling from the tree he was in, taking a bit of damage and landing right amongst the action he attempts to cut the Thanator with his knife doing little in the way of damage.

Meanwhile the Thanator is pinning (Matt’s Character) to the floor, now ripping away at his body and arms. Spending a fate point to try and lessen the damage he is taken he has his left arm ripped from his body leaving behind a trail of blood and gore as it arcs away further into the forest. He then dies from the shock of the wound.

The other two characters at this stage are running away, seeing the power of the beast they don’t want to stay around too much longer.

End of session 1 :-)



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